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You are now logged in. Forgot your password? At least twelve more men face felony charges in Washington for posting comments to the now-defunct web forum known as The Review Board TRB. The dozen defendants, most of whom who will be arraigned in King County District Court on December 14, face one count each of promoting prostitution in the second degreeā€”a charge historically used to target people who profit off of the prostitution of others but more recently favored by King County prosecutors to go after people who write positively online about area prostitution. Prior to this new wave of charges, the King County Sheriff's Office has already prosecuted more than a dozen men in for what amounts to little more than online speech related to prostitution.

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This is a moderated forum dedicated to discussing the hobby, erotica, and sex related subjects.

'the review board' bust: 12 more men face felony charges for posting to seattle web forum

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Write Review Be part of exclusive community Get Free pass. Self-Help Center. Tree Flat. Illusion started 2 hours ago by Mstrchf Try a simple test Pricing started 9 days ago by munchinmuffin.

Re: I think you are just one of many posters here who have issues with reading comprehension by jensen 4 hours ago. If where glass do you take them off ever? A troll by any other name by inicky46 6 hours ago. Covid safety started yesterday by Mariana First off, welcome back My guess is that you're vaccinated BBFS started one month ago by Harpooner. Why is TER making it more difficult to access the discussion boards?

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Since American has very restrict laws most guys go with, "I get it for free! Personal information started 22 days ago by hokjock.

Grey is not young. Russian girl and sister started 4 days ago by bsrisles BDSM and sex started 2 days ago by Jo1go. What's the highest of reviews you've seen one provider get in one day?

Re: My maximum of sessions in a single day is 6 eom by Duplicitouslust 3 days ago. A "Booking Fee"? Seems like the provider version Top for mongering!

How do Montreal, Bogota, Barcelona and Prague compare to each other? My exp. Is Casual sex for pleasure more common in the Anglosphere while P2P seems more common around world? Re: Clarification: by SteadyAlways 4 days ago. Fuck me by Greenbacks2 4 days ago.

Black guys started 29 days ago by Coolcat23andme. Very well said. I got over it Mother and Daughter? That cocaine's a hell of a drug.

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Illusion v. Reality started 9 days ago by PALaw.

Stigmas, Realities, Progression? TER outing its own users, unacceptable!!!!

I guess it's better to be fat than to be black. Some of the most iconic courtesans. Re: You said a hobbyist should not be the subject of an OP Provider with 2 current identities started 3 months ago by Iamsmrt.

Re:Nefarious Not!! Displaying 1 to 25 of matches.

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