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Unable to connect to messenger

For some time now, Facebook Messenger has been a standalone app, separate from the Facebook application. This has made it a more powerful messaging service capable of competing with its cousin, WhatsApp.

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My Samsung is on Android 6. Still the Facebook Messenger is showing 'waiting to network'.

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You can face this problem irrespective of the mobile platform.

Also, it can appear even when your phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network or cellular data connection. In the initial days of Facebook, they used to have the messaging option as an in-built function of the Facebook app.

However, things have changed over the years. As on today, if you are using the Facebook mobile app, you cannot chat with friends. Therefore, if you want to fix that problem, you might have to go through these following tutorials. At such moments, you can face this problem.

Therefore, check if your Wi-Fi router has a proper internet connection or not. For that, you can just open a browser and try to open a web e. If it opens the web, it has a valid internet connection, and you should follow the following tutorials to fix the error message in Messenger.

Not only Wi-Fi but also you should check the same if you are using the cellular data connection. If you have a valid data pack and you are in roaming, your phone might not provide internet connection. Since carriers charge a different price for internet connection while being in a roaming area, almost all the mobile phones turn off the data connection when you cross the home circle. Therefore, follow these steps to enable internet connection when roaming. After that, check if you can use internet on your phone or not.

If yes, do check if the Messenger app is working fine or not.

Waiting for network: fix facebook messenger not connecting

Sometimes it is just some internal problem, and you may not be able to fix that manually. As it is an internet connection related error message, you can try this step. Just turn on the airplane mode and turn it off. It will reset all the data connection-related options not to default.

Many people have got help from this method, and you should try it as well. Some apps like Messenger need data connection all the times so that it can show new chat notification, keep everything updated and so on. Therefore, you should turn it on if it is turned off by default. To do that, follow the following steps. On the next screen, you will get another option called Background data.

Use the toggle button to enable it. To utilize this functionality, do follow these steps.

Now you should find the Messenger option. If the toggle button indicates that it is deactivated, you need to use the same button to enable this option. Here you will get an option called Background App Refresh. Toggle this button to turn it on.

Facebook messenger not working? try these 10 fixes

For some people, it works pretty well. Background saver works differently. It kills some of the background processes, blocks apps from using the data connection, and so on. That might be a reason why you are getting such problems on your mobile. Therefore, this is a very wise choice to disable battery saver for a particular amount of time and check if it solves the issue or not.

Open up the status menu bar options. Here you should find a button called Battery Saver. Just tap this button to disable battery saver on your mobile. Open the Control Center on your iPhone.

You should find a battery related icon in Control Center. Tap this button to disable the battery saver. After being disabled, it should turn into white and black icon instead of a yellow and white icon. Although this is not possible on iPhone or other iOS devices, you can easily reset the Messenger app on Android mobiles.

Facebook messenger not connecting? let's fix it together!

To do so, you need to follow these steps. On the next screen, you can find two options, i. Make use of these two options to reset the Messenger app. As it is an internet connection related problem, you should take a deeper look at your existing internet connectivity. No matter whether you are using mobile data or the Wi-Fi, you should change it for a while to check whether the current network is the culprit or not.

If you do not have a valid data plan, it is better to wait until you get something similar. If you are using an app that blocks internet connection of a specific app, you should disable it immediately.

There are some Android apps that lets your prevent a certain app from using the internet connection. If you are using such an app, it is the time to turn it off temporarily. These are some of the most useful and working solutions to fix the network error problem in Messenger for Android or iOS. Android Facebook How to iOS.