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What does kissing feel like

Humans pucker up for all kinds of reasons. We kiss for love, for luck, to say hello and goodbye.

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If you're about to experience your first kiss, you are probably wondering what makes a kiss a good kiss and what will this kiss feel like?

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It just feels right.

What does kissing feel like?

The first few kisses with my first boyfriend, I felt like I was going to faint. Like my shoes were going to shoot off my feet. The first few kisses with my first boyfriend were botched but adorable.

He's left handed and we both leaned the same way. And he completely wasn't expecting it. So, it was over before it began. It was wonderful as well. But, once that realization of 'this is really happening!

I'm kissing them! As you can tell, I love first kisses.

Once I'm settled in a relationship, it's still great. It's not as shocking and awestricking but it feels wonderful. I look forward to making out with my boyfriend but once you get physical, it often gets overlooked. I recommend making out every once in a while without it leading to something else once you're in a long term relationship.

It's a mix, really.

There's the feeling of someone else's lips, mouth, etc, which seems like it might be gross, but if it's a good kiss then it feels very good. Their lips are soft, their mouth is warm, and exploring them in that way is all that's on your mind.

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Then if it's someone special, your heart does this thing. It slows down and skips at the same time. You're nervous and happy and you never, ever want it to stop. It's like you're out of control but totally content with that.

Making out depends on the mood. Sometimes it'll be slow, gradually building from a kiss to Sometimes, though, it's almost carnal.

Why do we kiss? what science says about smooching

Your feelings, your desires bond with the other person's, and you move in tandem to make those feelings rush even faster. The first time you kiss a ladyit might give you vertigo. My first girlfriend and I kissed on the first dateand I nearly fell over but nailed the kiss. After you've kissed a bunch of timesit's like nothing. Then you've got French kissing kissing with tongue.

It's all a form of intimacy.

Slow passionate kissing is sometimes more intimate than sex. No two females have the same size and shape of lipsface structuredentureset cetera. Kissing someone with thin lips and a huge mouth is going to feel different than kissing someone with big lips and a small mouth. Don't kiss just anyonethough. Save it for a girl that you likewho likes you back. I had my first kiss weeks before turning 23but have gotten to be a pretty good kisser if I say so myself. The last girl I dated, she was all about tongue.

Likesometimes she would slide her tongue around and behind my teeth when we were kissing. Can't really describe what kissing feels like. It's like trying to describe the texture and taste of tomato soup to someone who has never had soup before.

9 people described what a great first kiss feels like & you'll melt

Just make it countthat's all. And seriouslyI would have folded on my first kiss if it were not for the powers of YouTube.

Search for "kissing tips" or something along those lines and you'd be surprised about what people have to share. And it's not like you have to tell the girl you're dating, "By the way, I what to kiss like that from YouTube. You eventually develop the skill to be a good kisser without any kisses or guides.

It is what it is. Put your doe up on the side of her head and gently push her hair back and hold your hand there as you kiss her. When you pull away, linger so that your top lip is barely feel against hers. Breathe just loudly enough for her to hear it. Lol I love it tooo. Great jobs guys. I would like to add that when your with someone special, its a feeling of being extremely close to that person and knowing that they love you.

Especially when your on the couch or something cuddling with the person and you go in for a kiss, and then afterwards back to cuddling, both speechlessly sitting there against each other knowing that there's no place either of you would rather be. Kissing is weird that's all I can say.

My first kiss was with the guy I'm with now was more of a shock than anything. I didn't expect him to try to kiss me or get a lump on both of our forehe matter of fact I didn't expect us to be a couple at all, but I did happen And I'm Happy. When I kiss him it feels butterflies in the pit of my stomach and my heart speeds up like crazy, so much I think my arteries cleaned itself Weird I know.

I also get turned on like crazy from his kissing too. So much I wish to jump and do him right then and there. Thats the slow, lingering kiss. Then you have that kiss where you have a like urgency. So it is just hard kisses on your lips with faster breathing by the guy. And it is like a thunderstorm going on inside with butterflies fluttering somewhere down there.

The first kiss with someone you like not necessarily the first kiss ever in your life will always be exciting. You quite literally feel as if sparks fly since you've made a first step to physical connection. The soft lips, warm breath, gentle hands, those are all good elements to have in a kiss. I guess it varies for different people I envy you guys The very few guys I've kissed I never really got much pleasure from, which was strange because I was attracted to them.

Also the sucking sounds were quite off putting.

How does it feel to kiss your tongue?

Or maybe because I knew they just wanted sex and there was no real connection besides lust ruined it for me. I dunno. I spent a whole night kissing the guy I am with now, we just couldn't get enough of it. It just feels so nice.

I get butterflies just thinking of it now!

First kiss

I love slow gentle kissing that soon turns quite frenzied and almost aggressive!. Kisses can express so much and are often over looked once a relationship is established. I can't wait to kiss him again, our last kiss our goodbye kiss left nothing to the imagination about what was waiting for him when he gets home.

Are girls really that sexual in general, or is it just you that is like that? Not to offend you, but i'm just curious.