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Where to buy a remington 700

For as long as I've been writing in this space, Remington has been the world's most maligned firearms brand.

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Remington has been tried and tested for virtually every type of scenario. But the real benefit of the X-Mark Pro is that you can adjust it externally. In fact, if you own an R with an X-Mark Pro made between andyou should look into getting the trigger replaced. Remington was the target of a class action lawsuit due to safety issues associated with the trigger. The issues have since been corrected, but those older rifles need to be refitted. When talking about the top general hunting rifles, you can bet your bottom dollar that the Model comes up at some point during the conversation.

Straight out of the box, the CDL is ready for virtually anything you throw at it. Also, all CDL models come with an American walnut stock with a satin finish, which really gives the gun an elegant look. The benefits of the stainless fluted barrel include better shooting consistency and weight reduction.

Also, the BDL is one of the few Model s to have a sight already built in. One of the reasons why the Remington SPS Varmint is cheaper than other Model types is because of the stock de. Instead of sticking with the traditional wooden stock that gives the Model a classic look and feel, SPS sub-models are equipped with a synthetic stock.

Instead of the matte blue barrel, you get a polished stainless steel finish that gives the gun a sleeker look. Some other differences that set the VTR apart from the Varmint sub-models include its triangular barrel contour and its ported barrel de.

According to Remington, the change in barrel contouring helps to reduce recoil and muzzle rise in VTR sub-models. There are also black grip panels over parts over the front of the stock.

Instead of the matte black synthetic de, the VLS Varmint Laminated Stock gives you a laminated woodgrain finish that gives the rifle a vintage look. For starters, the barrel has been given an extra layer of protection with a TriNyte PVD coating that protects it from corrosion and scuffs.

Some other cool features include its extended grip, dual sling studs on the front of the stock, beavertail fore-end, and a recessed thumb groove just behind the pistol grip for additional comfort when lying prone or shooting off the bench. The Remington Long Range sub-model supports long-action calibers, making it a great choice for all of the big game hunters out there.

It comes bipod ready, has a Picatinny rail mount on top, and even has an AAC suppressor mount. But the best thing about this gun is its detachable box magazine with a five-round capacity. Overall, the Magpul is a great rifle to have if you want an optimized long-range rifle without paying an arm and a leg for all of the ARstyle features that come with the Tactical Chassis. Bergara B HMR. Bergara has been around for a while but has really made their name in the last several years as a great factory rifle with a lot to offer. Amazing trigger, accurate rifles, smooth bolt — in a lot of ways these rifles offer a lot of benefits over the venerable Remington while still maintaining all of the aftermarket goodness.

There you have it, folks. Now, remember, the Remington has been in production since the s. That means that a lot of different sub-models have been made during that time, including various calibers that have been added and discontinued over the years.

This list is by no means a comprehensive guide of all Model s in existence. So, what type of are you shooting? Which one do you want?

Let us know in the comments below! Love this rifle. I bought this summer Gen. This rifle is such a huge pleasure to shoot, it makes me look like I know what I'm doing. At almost 70 yrs.

A quick mention on the Kwik Klip, I realize that these are hardly ever mentioned anywhere but hear me out. It is basically a de knock off of HS Precision's 1st. The fit to the stock is a perfect drop in using the provided spacer washers.

The 4 rd. The black finish on the metal isn't going to last forever. So why use Kwik Klip? Affordability and convenience. I got frustrated with having that 4th.

Best remington models

Let's hope that the new owners of the brand will get Remington back onto stable ground and the back with unmatched QC and rekindle the love affair. A 7mm Rem mag with a black stock. I recently upgraded to Timmney triggers in both guns. Love em. I own a Remington CDL in However, My will handle anything I can afford to hunt.

Plus, it doesn't tear up too much meat.

Interestingly, my hunting buddies with the really big guns shoot at the same distance I do 0 - yards. If I ever get to travel and hunt exotic game, I'll pick up a win mag. I love the wood grain in the stock. I have a Model Mountain chambered in It has a 4 round detachable mag.

I bought that gun around and I still hunt with it today. Hello Everybody, I have just inherited two Remingtom ,s. Can anyone lat me know anything about these rifles please. Cheers Noel.

Remington rifles very collectible after bankruptcy

My current squad of s includes a mix of classic, mutt, rare, and other. The classic: a BDL in Roberts. Accurate, stylish, and has helped several of my kids take their first elk and deer. The mutt: a BDL that was re-barrelled to Wby. Very accurate, but heavy and picky about ammo. Handlo are a must.

[buyer’s guide] best remington models

The rare: two actually, which is odd for a rare rifle, right? But two of my kids are left-eye shooters, so I have two LH bolts.

And finally my personal rifle: a Sendero in Win Mag. Sub-moa with most factory and handlo using gr or heavier. This rifle supplied my freezer with many cow elk when the kids were younger. At the time Colo. Probably will still be working good in I recently bought a Remington SPS in 6. Just wondering what it would take to make this a really good shooting rifle.

I bought one over a year ago, the first thing I did was dump the stock and trigger and replaced them with a Grayboe Terrain stock and a Timney trigger. Plus I reload so I can tailor my rounds to the rifle. Needless to say it is a tack driver I'm running my great grandfather's Model Remington, the predecessor to the After 70 years it's still a sub MOA tack driver. I purchased one of the last VSF left hand. Shot excellent and had the now famous Xmark pro triggers.

After hearing about the the recall I called Remington and sure enough my.