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On top of that, many trans men and women are fetishized on popular dating websites and treated as sex objects.

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Most of us grew up with simplistic understandings of sex and gender. Mainly that there are only two sexes, male and female, and only two genders, man and woman.

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Discussion in ' Chit Chat ' started by transationalDec 27, Empty Closets. This site uses cookies.

6 top transgender personals sites

By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. How to meet a TS? Thread Tools Thread Tools. I know there's dating sites, that I don't really trust nor do I want to pay and put up a photo write up a short little bio and go from there But I was curious how people even get to know someone is "trans". Like I just had my first experience with a transwoman I knew about her from a somewhat friend of minebut I would have never approached her in person or something assuming she was a trans. I guess what am I asking is how do people who want to date other trans people go about finding said trans people?

And I hope trans people is not an offensive term.

No, but 'TS' is. I've got to say, mate, that this looks an awful lot like trans chasing, and we don't usually appreciate it.

Because it sounds as if the only thing you'd find interesting about her is her trans status, the very thing that has probably caused her a fuck load of pain in her life and would quite like to forget about. Daydream Harp.

Pretty much what Hexagon said. Also chances are they will go from transwoman to woman later on if you get what I mean, so there is also that. Transgender women are women.

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Nerdy women are women. Black-haired women are women. Do you get what I'm saying here? They shouldn't have to be treated any differently It's the same thing for race: if someone were to come after me for my race It has happened Well, you could try by getting to know a few of the wonderful trans members here on EC first.

Besides that, try getting involved with any LGBT organizations around you. You're probably sick of hearing this by now, but changing your views regarding transgenders should be a priority. Depends what you want out of the meeting.

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You approach me like I'm any other girl, and I'll be sweet and nice and we'll get along fine. You come up and tell me you'd love to see my cock, and I'll be punching yours! Another thing it's probably worth considering, and bare in mind I base this on almost nothing but guess work, but I would have thought that trans girls who are willing to penetrate YOU would be the exception rather than the rule.

It thought about it just now and honestly, I think I would feel awful about it. Perhaps I'm alone in that though Techno Kid. You are going to have to see Transwoman as you see any other woman if you want them to like you.

Best transgender dating sites for trans singles

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