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Why is dating so dam hard

Curious, I googled this to see if it was something commonly felt and there were dozens of articles repeating the exact same things over and over again. In response, I wrote a short post of my own that outlined my views on dating.

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Misunderstandings, fatigue, comparison, resentment, the list of possible struggles goes on! After hitting it off it can be exciting to imagine what your relationship could look like. But when we enter a relationship with high expectations we can be left feeling disappointed. When either person has been put on a pedestal resentment and frustration can build and make managing the relationship difficult. Stay away from unrealistic expectations and give you and your partner some grace. Sad but true, the honeymoon ends.

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Presumably dating in real life looks something like the mixture of romantic novels and… well, reality. I do believe in real life fairy tales but I have never experienced anything like that, ever.

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Trying to navigate all those pieces of advice and tips on how to find the love of your life is so damn hard. I am aware of the fact that there are more ificant things happening out there: the world economy, political issues or medical discoveries cannot be compared with pondering whether he likes me or not… I know that.

It still matters to me and it matters to me greatly.

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I also realized that the longer I dwell on the past, the harder it is to find happiness. But the moment you realize that there are plenty of options to choose from, you freeze.

Real world dating sucks (for many men)

Not that it matters that much… He might not even be interested in getting to know the real me. Not that complicated, after all.

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Maybe things are a whole lot simpler than they are in my mind. Think about it, this might actually be true.

8 reasons why relationships are so damn hard

We have nothing to lose. I decided to write that message - I just wrote it, no hesitation, no overthinking it. My message might never get to him but it might actually start something. The only thing I need to figure out now is how I feel about me.

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I try to act all tough but the truth is I find myself waking up in the middle of the night looking for him. I still miss him so much. I do believe in that all consuming love that sweeps you off your feet.

Will we ever be able to forgive what we have done to each other? Or will we really go our separate ways?

Want a better dating life?

Maybe dating is hard because I still miss my past. I still miss him.

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And although he said it was over, I feel like our story is not over yet. Women need men to be pearl divers: men must be able to tell the difference between a real woman and fake ones. There will always be men who are fooled by the beauty of imitation pearls, it is very easy to be deceived by looks.

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I would do anything for you but it would all be for nothing. You must overcome your own darkness.

Why is dating so hard for guys? (updated for )

Do strong men really want to be the ones taking responsibility and making hard decisions or being in charge all the time? Do they really want to lead and be followed by a woman who surrender unconditionally?

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Is that what makes a strong man? Disappointments have a bright side.

Why is dating is so damn hard?

This sentence might make you question my sanity. Nobody gets that warm fuzzy feeling when someone lies to you or leaves you. So why would anyone think that disappointment can actually be a positive thing?

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Life is too short for me to listen to your questionable truth and let you mess with my head. I am complicated because I have standards, because I think too much and because I need explanations and refuse to settle. Why is dating is so damn hard? November 05, Komment. Share Send.

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What are women looking for in a man? .

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What strong men really want in a relationship Do strong men really want to be the ones taking responsibility and making hard decisions or being in charge all the time? Why disappointment is good Disappointments have a bright side.

Life is too short for me to be waiting around Life is too short for me to listen to your questionable truth and let you mess with my head. Who would want a complicated woman?

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