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Women of phuket

Create Search. Over the centuries, the comparatively small population in the central Asian peninsula region that encompasses Phuket meant women were more highly valued than in more populous India and China and therefore had more rights, autonomy and economic independence. By Colin Mackay.

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Hello there!

I and a few of my girlfriends late 30s are looking to head to Phuket in mid-november I know a while away. The question I have is which town to stay in, I know Kata and Karon are popular areas but what other towns should we consider, if we want to have some bars and lounges to go to it will be my birthday! Patong is big enough, with enough options, that you can find places that suit your taste.

There is no getting away from the fact that there are girly bars there in abundance, and drunken 20 y. Having said that, if you only plan on woman out to party a few nights, Karon and Kata aren't that far from Patong. Even Bang Tao bay is just over half an hours drive. But for me, even if I wanted only a few nights out, I'd still stay in Patong.

At least for part of my stay. It's an hour out of your day. The day before we leave the first hotel, we hit them up for an extra hour on check-out, and also ask for an early check-in at the next place. Usually works out ok. The places your agent has suggested are all lovely, but top end priceyand a little isolated, party-ing wise. I class all your agents' recommendations as "honeymoon" hotels. Is this the price range you are looking phuket If so, I envy you your choices.

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My advice, book 2 or 3 days in Patong or 4 nights if your stay is 10 days or more for your partying, tour days and shopping, and the rest elsewhere for relaxing. In your price range, in Patong, look at La Flora or Amaria few others depending on how you feel about catching transport rather than walking everywhere. If you love a great big pool, consider the Family Suite at Duangjitt. Duangjitt isn't the same class as the other two, but the Family Suite itself, the pool, and the grounds make up for it. Beautiful spa area too. Breakfast disappointing.

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Family suite takes 3 adults, but I'm not sure if you can get 3 singles. I suspect you can. And even though it's their top room, it's still probably cheaper than the other choices. Or if you want to save a few bucks, the "bigger" Deluxe room at Kata Beach Resort.

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Bang Tao beach is arguably a nicer beach than Kata I love Laguna! Karon I'm less fond of than Kata, but there's nothing wrong with Karon, and it has good hotels eg Movenpick, Centara Grand. If you don't want to be around sleeziness or a bunch of 20 year olds getting drunk - stay well clear of Patong!

I would say go for a night out for a laugh - my friend and I did - we're 38 and well travelled.

We stayed on Surin Beach in March this year which was lovely but quite quiet. If you are blowing the budget the Twin Palms is lovely but there are naturally lots of couples and the plus point is that is is lined to the Catch Bar Beach Club. The beach is prettier than nearby Kamala with a younger crowd but still quite busy with lots of sun loungers.

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It depends what you are after - if its any sort of grown up back packer vibe then I would say avoid Phuket completely. We got off and went to Ko Lanta which we preferred. Bear in mind in November it will be busier everrywhere. Good Luck. I suggest the opposite. Stay in Patong. Its vibrant and fun. Lots to see and do. From my observations the 20yos don't go out til late, and congregate in discos. They are easy to avoid. Thanks guys!

I actually do like to go out. Especially when on vacay. So I don't want to have to go in early to avoid the 20 yr olds nor am I looking for adult back packers.

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I am looking for sophisticated travelers who enjoy life. Unfortunately, we will only be in Phuket for a short while so I don't want to spend time hopping from hotel to hotel. So I want to choose the right town. I guess my point was, don't go to the discos if you want to avoid the young crowd. Theres lots of good live music in many venues including lots of restaurants.

Movenpick is in Karon but nothing particularly sophisticated comes to mind. It is not a bad location just not near anything particularly worth mentioning. Patong is full of sex tourist, full on sleeze but does have night life.

Last time just driving down the beach road I could see the prostitutes spilling out of the massage shops. As single western women you can get tired of seeing all the sex tourist right in your face. Twenty year olds getting drunk won't seem so bad.

Kata is great. South of Kata and Kata Noi has a few art galleries, a beach club, 2 award winning restaurants with amazing wine cellars, independent coffee shops, small boutique shops for clothes and jewelry. Re Ka Ta - Club on the beach.

Great happy hour including wine : and if you like modern cuisine the menu is outstanding - going there for lunch today.

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I avoid Patong at all costs. Also the beaches are much more crowded. Bang Tao has some nice bars and restaurants too but not really easily accessible to walk there. You can pm me if you have any questions. Also perhaps google Night life Patong images. These bars are all open to the street. Kata noiI am a little shocked and some of your post and think it needs tempering.

You say " Patong is full of sex tourist, full on sleeze but does have night life. So tourist are all sex tourists in Patong? All Massage girls are prostitutes?

Patong is a fairly big town, and yep, some sleezy places, especially Bangla Road at night, but gee, its not that bad that I wouldn't take my Mum down if she was still, on this earth. BUT, not all of Patong is sleazy. You say "As single western women you can get tired of seeing all the sex tourist right in your face.

Surely you "live and let live". You do not know the circumstances, so how can you judge? Its hardly in your face. Except maybe the Ping Pong show touts. Are they prostitutes in the Kata massage parlours? I would suggest Kata for what you are after. Kata is much quieter, but still has a small nightlife, the beach is much cleaner than Patong. I think my post does not need tempering. It is my observations. And I was actually shocked myself to see the obvious massage girls, standing outside the shop in short shorts and high heels at 2 in the afternoon. Hardly but Patong does have the most sex tourist of anywhere else in Phuket.

Can you disagree with that?